About Grant

Experienced, Professional, Reliable,

People are always surprised to hear that during the day I work as a principal dentist at Marple Dental Practice, but then spend my weekends working as a professional DJ. But how did this happen?

I began working as a professional DJ in 2001, starting work in the bars and nightclubs of Leeds and West Yorkshire when I was studying at university there. I played in almost every venue in the city and loved DJing. My most common nights that I played at were at Evolution night club (Weekly resident for 2 different club nights), Heaven and Hell night club (weekly resident for 1 club night), and Saturday nights at LMU (a legendary student night). I was playing a wide variety of nights that were ranging from underground dance music, Rnb and Hip hop nights and Cheesy retro and chart nights.

Having started in the electronic scene this was always my passion, but after playing the other nights my repertoire widened and this allowed me to play a more varied selection of events and parties. I also learnt that DJing wasn’t really about the technical side of things- the crowd just cared about having a good time with good music.

following requests from several close friends and colleagues to DJ at their events I have now begun to provide my unique style of entertainment to many different events all across Manchester, Stockport, Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Cheshire and beyond.

I am able to play all styles of music and genres. I usually attend most functions with 60,000 songs and with the ability to search my catalog instantly I am able to provide a very diverse selection of music. So no matter if you want a 50’s rock and roll event, a 90’s cheesy disco, a nightclub+house music experience or dark and grimy RnB and Hip Hop theme I can do them all and love to play them all equally.

Having started life as a nightclub DJ, I am able to provide a more interesting and active form of DJ’ing. I am able to provide you with a standard mobile DJ experience if required, and will read the crowd to work out what is working best on that night, but usually I am booked to provide a more upbeat and active style of DJ service. This usually involves scratching, dropping snippets of upcoming tracks and teasing the crowd with ‘surprise’ songs to get them hyped and excited. I usually find this style is really appreciated by audiences and makes the night a lot of fun for them (and for me).

If you would like me to play at your function, please contact me using the form on my page, or email me at events@grantmatthews.co.uk and I will get back to you asap, but I would recommend contacting me as soon as possible as I get booked up quite a way in advance.